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GRAHA's VR is a brand owned by "Square Comp" which was started in 2012 headquartered in Chennai, India.  Square Comp was primarily started with focus towards solving technical issues customers face with their computing devices.  Later on since late 2017, we started developing our Virtual Reality based solutions for our Enterprise clients. 

Our Vision & Mission




Our definitive goal is to become one of the formidable tech brands in the world known for its indigenous making and innovative solutions. We dream to build technologically advanced products and be a bridge in connecting technology with the next-gen in order to make the world a better place for the people. We intend to make complex technology simpler.




We believe Virtual Reality is our first step in realizing our dream and is the key to make computing easier and interactive. Through constant innovation and inspiration, we strive to drive the growth of the sector and eventually building an empire out of it.

Products & Services


GRAHA’s VR is the next-gen advanced Virtual Reality headset for smartphones. We provide tailor-made Virtual Reality hardware and software solution to enterprises in the manufacturing, industrial and automotive sector. 

Our GRAHA’s VR can be used with any Smartphone within the screen size of 4.5” – 6.5” which accounts to about 95% of the Smartphone market. We have a unique lens adjuster on the device which lets the users try different smartphones without having to remove the device. Our device can also be used with the Glasses on which avoid the users from experiencing motion sickness even after prolonged usage of the device. We also have a superior field of view of 96 – 100 degrees for a wider and immersive display. We cater specifically to the Industrial & Manufacturing needs. We intend to reduce the expenditure cost by almost 50% to those companies whose expenditures towards training and other simulations touch the roof. 


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GRAHA's VR - A Square Comp Brand.

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